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We’re pretty sure you already know our dance instructors. Maybe you’ve seen them perform at a conference, or maybe you’ve even taken one of their Master Classes. How about spending a whole week with them on board a luxurious cruise ship? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Don’t let this opportunity slip by!


Dancer and Choreographer

Orliandys has his degree in Arte Danzario, a special type of contemporary dance, from the Arts University of Cuba. Currently he lives in Barcelona, where he offers dance classes at schools throughout the city. In the last few years, he’s become very well known for his pure Cuban style. He’s in high demand as events worldwide are lining up to contract him for their shows. We are very lucky to have Orliandys on the Crucero de Baile 2019.

Alfonso y Mónica

Salsa and Bachata

Alfonso and Mónica started dancing together back in 2000, as part of a dance group at the Baibal Dance School. At Baibal, they studied various types of Latin Dance and Ballroom Dance. Eventually, they became sub-champions of Europe in Retro Dance. What was once a hobby for these two, turned into their successful career and way of life. In 2005, they started to take on their career as a professional dance duo. They have continued studying latin rhythms, but have also decided to compliment it with other styles such as: contemporary dance, classical dance, afro beats, and sport dance. They have been dance champions three years in a row for the regional dance competitions of Murcia. The Salsa Open, and the national finalists (2006, 2007, and 2008). They’ve also been finalists for the Brugal Salsa Open in 2007.

For over ten years they have been leading pioneers in how bachata dance is evolving in Spain. International and Spanish national judges have chosen them in some of the most prestigious bachata and salsa competitions. Currently, Alfonso and Mónica are continuing to dance bachata and salsa a high number of events across Spain and throughout Europe, where they are participants and instructors. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience with these two.

Adrián y Anita

Uruguay and Brazil

Since Adrián and Anita have started dancing together, they have participated as superstars and lead dancers on an international level. They’ve danced in over 40 countries where they have made a differences in many dancers’ lives. These countries include: USA, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, and more.

Their performances are full of energy and you can always count on them to be innovative in their dance expression. Throughout the world, couples who have taken their classes have noted that there is a definite “before and after” in their own styles after watching and learning from Adrián and Anita. They have their own master classes and special techniques to teach the the secrets of dance, which has helped and entertained thousands of people around the globe who have wanted to learn more about Caribbean rhythms.

Jessica Patella

Dancer for the Tropical Gem Dance Company, founded by Rafael González and Fernando Sosa in the year 2000.

The Tropical Gem Dance Company made its debut right after the Worldwide Salsa Dance Meeting in Milan, bringing with it an innovative style, captivating energy, and noteable costumes. They are also known as being on of the first dance companies to to incorporate different rhythms into their choreography, such as rumba, afro, and hip-hop.



These two are also known as Gigi and Gigi and they have an unmatchable rhythm that can’t be seen in any other dancers. Their vitality is contagious and they transmit their energy in all of their numerous events. Not only are they dance teachers, they are also authentic showmen worth watching.
In 2016, they were the star performers at over 20 main Spanish conferences. This is your chance to get to know them in person!

Nuno and Nagyla

Kizomba and Salsa

These two have been dancing together since 2009. Together they have won the International Kizomba competition of 2010 and the Portuguese national salsa competitions of 2013 and 2014.

Both of them come from diverse dance backgrounds that include latin rhythms, ballet, and contemporary dance. This diversity give them a very special connection and allows for their performances to be full of creativity.

Both of them have dedicated their lives to dance as performers and as instructors. They are constantly growing in their professional careers and performing at various international conferences.

Evelyn "La Negra"

Dominican Bachata and DJ

La Negra is a Venezuelan reporter who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She has her degree in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela. She’s a Salsa and Latin Rhythms dance instructor, as well as a DJ, and the creator of the project La Negra.

She has also been the General Coordinator for the Crucero del Baile since its first edition. Fortunately, the staff can absolutely count on her as she puts her heart and soul into all of her work.

Chaves and Silvia

This pair came together because of their love for bachata.

In 2008, Chaves and Silvia participated in a Spanish national competition and placed as sub-champions. The two years after that, they were unable to dance together because of work, but then they were able to perform an two Spanish competitions and again they won as sub-champions. Currently, they are one of the most well known dancing couples on a Spanish national level. This year will be their first time in the Crucero de Baile.

Luis and Andrea

Sensual Bachata

Luis and Andrea are international dancers specialised in latin dances, especially sensual bachata. They teach their specific style all over the world. Luis and Andrea are well known dance instructors who fill their energetic classes with students at dance festivals around the world. Their classes emit a lot of vitality and one can appreciate the quality they transmit as dancers and bachata instructors.

Carlos Espinoza and Mariángeles

One of the most well known Sensual Bachata duos known worldwide.

This pair has had a short history, but a very successful one. They have been invited to dance in many events worldwide. Since 2016, they have been travelling to help popularize sensual bachata throughout Europe, Central America, and North America. They are the present and future of sensual bachata and it’s a great pleasure to have them on the new cruise editions of Crucero de Baile.

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